Aaand here we go again with another 100 words from a photo prompt…


Clutching purse, dress and sandals, and trying not to injure herself on the window catch, Joyce made her escape. Not that anyone was chasing her, or persuading her to stay. No, they were far too interested in getting it on with each other.
Never again would she suggest a threesome with two men already committed as a couple.
Poised halfway out of the window, Joyce hesitated, taking a quick glance over her shoulder.
Shirts were off, pants unzipped — and they were a pair of very hot guys. Maybe she was being too hasty. She should stay — and watch…
                                                                                    * * * * *
For more great 100 word interpretations of the above pic prompt from my friends in the FFF padded cell, clicky on the links… These will vary from sweet to full on erotic in various combinations of m/f, m/m, and probably multiple hookups as well *g*.

Benjamin Russell :
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Lani Rhea :
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Chris Power :
Patricia Logan:
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Muffy Wilson :
Gemma Parkers :
Jp Archer :
Rhea Archer :

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