Research can have some interesting results, and not just as fodder for the WiP. I’m currently three-quarters of the way through a short story for an anthology, and I needed a recipe for Cal Beaufontaine, trainee-chef, to try out.


For no other reason than one of my good friends is a Greek Cypriot and always feeds me wonderful Greek food whenever I visit, I decided on a Greek recipe. So of course I Googled. And found one that caught my fancy. Kokkinisto [RJ, if you read this blog, Do Not make bad jokes about the name *g*]. It’s basically a meat stew involving onions, tomatoes and red wine. Lots of red wine.


Now, I am not the cook in my extended family, my daughter-in-law is, and she is superb at it, which is one of the reasons why I am so overweight. But once in a while, I get the urge to have a go myself and this recipe did it for me. We already had most of the ingredients in the kitchen, and as Waitrose had some really lean brisket on their butchery section, I opted for beef rather than lamb. The end result was delicious!


We ate it with rice and salad, and though it didn’t look quite as classy as the pic, it tasted wonderful!


Click HERE for the recipe I used

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