Fox Hunt

Contemporary vampire romance


Status – first draft close to completion


Rob is under commission to clean two Elizabethan portraits painted on wooden panels. But a couple of collectors want them as well, and one will stop at nothing to get his hands on both panels.


The portraits were stolen from Fox Courtney’s home, and he wants them back. He, too, will stop at nothing. He has the advantage – he’s a vampire.


The inevitable clash will endanger Rob and his family, but as he grows closer to Fox, there’s even more at risk – his heart.


Timeslip – Contemporary/historical


Status – first draft completed – edits underway


Phil has a job he loves, full of danger and excitement most of the time, and a working partner he trusts with his life. Until Ryan kisses him. It’s only meant to be a diversion tactic to convince the heavies they’re two harmless gays, but that kiss shakes Phil’s word to its foundations. He doesn’t do commitment. He doesn’t need or want a longterm lover, but that’s what his heart is reaching for.


An accident leaves him drifting in and out of a dream-haunted coma, trapped in his wrecked car waiting for rescue, and he is sharing a parallel life. Seventeen hundred years ago, someone is trying to kill Caius Marcellus Niger, and Phil must find out who and why. The trouble is, he’s alone. No partner, no backup, and nothing is the way it seems.

Finders, Keepers

Contemporary mystery romance


Status – first draft in progress


Coming off a high-pressure undercover job, Jeff Taylor is thrown straight into another mission–to trap illegal metal detectorists and retrieve the priceless artifact. To be in the right place at the right time, he has to seduce Alan, the son of the farmer who may or may not be in on the million dollar scam. Should be straightforward, easy, and it is. Until Jeff finds himself falling for Alan.


Oil and Water – sequel to Aloes

Contemporary paranormal mystery romance


Status – First draft in progress


Perry’s sister buys a painting she was never meant to have.


Fool’s Rush

Contemporary vampiric mystery


Status – First draft in progress


Third in the Fool Trilogy – Zavi is hired to trace the true owners of the gold found in the crypt of San Pedro-by-the-Wall, but it’s a tangled and dangerous web. Andreas is there for him–which is not always a comfort.

The Lennox Selkie

Contemporary paranormal


Status – First draft in progress


Donal MacCraith is on an island-hopping road trip, and the islands in question are The Western Isles, off the coast of Scotland. His family roots are on Lewis, but his main reason for being there are the songs and legends of the Isles. He is a folk-singer, come to collect some new old material, and when he finally leaves Stornoway to continue his wanderings, Niall MacLachlan goes with him. They soon become lovers, but Niall has a secret and an agenda of his own. One that involves Don and his family’s history.

Cause and Effect

Contemporary ghost story


Status – Planning stages only


Rob has to confront the results of his teenage stupidity before it kills him.





Status – First draft started


Gates between dimensions, staked to the here-and-now for brief periods of time. Well, brief if you’re a virtually immortal angel. Or daemon. Someone wants to make the link permanent, which would not be good for the human race or the balance of power between the eternal enemies. Raphadiel has to stop it happening – Mataelifer might be an ally. Or an enemy. Or something else entirely. But Raphe would be crazy to trust a daemon. Wouldn’t he?


The Carandor Interface

Science Fiction


Status – First draft started


Military scientific experimentation goes wrong and Ben has to be rescued by his brother before the damage done to him is too great to be healed. But the Carandians want their lab-rat back.



Science Fiction


Status – First draft started


Pirates are attacking the supply runs to Tribulation 6, the farthest planet from the sun. The only life on the mineral-rich planet is the mining colony, and those supply-runs are vital.


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