Which is what I need to do! Travelling all day on Saturday was my excuse for not pimping my Torquere Sip, CLUE GAME on its release day. As it is now Monday, I think I’m out of excuses… Sooo, with a fanfare, here it is! A click on the Sip pic will take you to Torquere. *g*


After being estranged for a year, Ben and David are back together and more in love than ever. Their commitment ceremony is approaching, and they’ve taken the chance to extend a business trip to Paris into a pre-commitment, pre-honeymoon break.

They owe their present happiness to Barbara, who has a problem only they can solve, and rubies are involved. Ben has plans of his own – but they owe her too much to turn her down.

Ben and David were introduced in my other Sip, Breaking Point.

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