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It may or may not work, but there’s this Random Word Generator site,

and on the 1st of each month, I am going to take some words from it and use them to write a shortshort story – up to 500 words max.

It could be any setting, any genre, any theme – and very much an experiment. Who knows what will happen? I sure as heck don’t *g*

In the light of my New Year’s Resolution posted on January 1st, I thought I’d better detail my progress.

Game On, Game Over is the current WiP, and it may or may not end up as two separate stories.

It starts off In Tajikistan[!] and ends up in a small village in the UK, telling the story of how Scott and John meet up, how Scott loses touch with John, and finally tracks him down a year later. So it does have a natural break… The first part is more action with some romance, the second is all Oblivious!John, Devious!Scott and romance.

So, back to the Plotting Board…

Word count so far – 33200

Starfall - Chris Quinton
Just got the cover for Starfall, my gay contemporary SF novel due out from Silver on March 19th.

What really impressed me with this is the pains the artist took to liaise with me to get their features exactly the way I see them. Especially in relation to Ash, the one in the forefront.

Although you can’t make out the detail of Ash’s eyes in the size of the pic, it’s enough to see that they aren’t quite human.

Reese did a brilliant job, IMHO.

In the giddy euphoria induced by my Starfall cover, I forgot about The Psychic’s Tale, recently accepted by Silver Publishing and to be released June 2011.

TPT is the first novella in a trilogy, ‘The Fitzwarren Inheritance’. Each novella is written by a different author – me [Chris Quinton], Rj Scott and Sue Brown. It was Rj’s idea, and I got roped in toward the end when another author dropped out.

…“I curse you and your children’s children, that you shall all live out your allotted years, and that those years shall be filled with grief and loss and betrayal, even as you have betrayed and bereaved me.”

Four hundred years ago in rural England, a mob burned two man to death, but not before one of them, Jonathan Curtess, hurled a dreadful curse at the mob’s leader, Sir Belvedere Fitzwarren. The curse has followed the family through the centuries, bringing grief and loss to each generation.

Mark Renfrew is a closeted psychic and openly gay. When his grandmother discovers a family link to a 17th century feud and a still-potent curse, she insists he investigates and do his best to end it. When he travels to the village of Steeple Westford, he meets and falls for Jack Faulkner, an archaeologist. He also meets the Fitzwarrens, who are facing yet another tragedy.

Then Mark learns that the man who cursed them had twisted the knife by leaving three cryptic conditions that would lift the curse, and he knows he has to try to break the curse his ancestor had set…

Rj Scott has just had the second story – The Soldier’s Tale – accepted for release a couple of weeks after TPT, and Sue Brown is starting on the third and final story.

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