Clue Game

Which is what I need to do! Travelling all day on Saturday was my excuse for not pimping my Torquere Sip, CLUE GAME on its release day. As it is now Monday, I think I’m out of excuses… Sooo, with a fanfare, here it is! A click on the Sip pic will take you to Torquere. *g*


After being estranged for a year, Ben and David are back together and more in love than ever. Their commitment ceremony is approaching, and they’ve taken the chance to extend a business trip to Paris into a pre-commitment, pre-honeymoon break.

They owe their present happiness to Barbara, who has a problem only they can solve, and rubies are involved. Ben has plans of his own – but they owe her too much to turn her down.

Ben and David were introduced in my other Sip, Breaking Point.

I was travelling all day yesterday, so didn’t get a chance to do more than update my Facebook, so here’s the fanfare for Starfall’s release *g*.

Hopefully no one’s fed up with me blithering on about it, but this book got right under my skin while I was writing it, and it’s still there. I have a feeling I’ll be revisiting Ash and Conn in the not too distant future.

My next release is Clue Game on Saturday, March 26th, a Sip from Torquere Press this time – Ben and David hunt rubies in Paris…

River Avon at Salisbury

Just for fun, here’s a pic I took a few weeks ago while walking into town.

After a great day yesterday on the Silver Publishing Facebook, I’m taking a day off to regroup *g*.

The final edits have been done on Starfall and Clue Game, and they are with the publishers for the last round of technical stuff.

Starfall will be released on March 19th by Silver Publishing.
Clue Game will be released on March 26th by Torquere Press in their Sip range.

Game On, Game Over is completed in first draft and is with my beta-readers for their input. It came in at just over 52,000, pretty much on target. That will change a little bit as it goes through the editing process, but not by much. It’s still in one document, even though its two parts are so different in setting and pace. When/If it’s accepted, I’ll be going by what my editor suggests. It might end up as two novellas – Game On, and Game Over.

So while I wait for Game On Game Over to come back from my betas, I’m going to dive into Fool’s Rush, the third and final part of the Fool’s Odyssey Trilogy for Manifold Press.

That leaves a further six titles on my WiP list:

Spiked – fantasy
Finders, Keepers – contemporary
Cause and Effect – paranormal
The Carandor Interface – SF
Oil and Water – paranormal
Tribulation – SF

Not to mention the as-yet untitled ideas floating around in the porridge that passes for my brain…

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