Here are 100 words based on this pic...


“I’m cold,” she said, her fingers like ice in his grasp. He tightened his grip, offering her comfort perhaps, and she was grateful. The rain hammered down, sluicing over their naked bodies, but the glowing path at their feet did not waver.


“All will be well, you’ll see,” he murmured confidently. “They’ll be waiting for you.”


“Are you sure?” she asked nervously.


“I’m sure. I’m taking you home.”


She looked back over her shoulder but could see nothing through the deluge. Could remember nothing but this — man? — leading her away from… something. “What was your name again?” she asked.




* * * * *


For more great 100 word interpretations of the above pic prompt from my friends in the FFF padded cell, clicky on the link to the Flash Ficcers Friday Blog for links to all the FFFiccers… These will vary from sweet to full on erotic in various combinations of m/f, m/m, and probably multiple hookups as well *g*.

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