game over

Because Real Life has been a bit of an uncooperative b**ch for the last few weeks, the 1st of the Month Fic hasn’t been written yet. It will arrive, honest, I just don’t know when…

On a more productive front, Game On Game Over has just crept over the 50 k mark, and I only have a couple of scenes to finish. Then it’s off to my beta-readers for their input.

I’ve also completed a ‘Five Things’ interview for friend and fellow author RJ Scott, which was a little different to the norm and fun to do.

Brief Encounters Reviews are having a ‘Fortnight of UK Authors from March 21st to April 1st’, and I’m one of their featured authors. I’ve been interviewed, but not sure yet when it’ll be posted. They specialize in reviews of short stories, and my Torquere Sips qualify *grin*.

In the light of my New Year’s Resolution posted on January 1st, I thought I’d better detail my progress.

Game On, Game Over is the current WiP, and it may or may not end up as two separate stories.

It starts off In Tajikistan[!] and ends up in a small village in the UK, telling the story of how Scott and John meet up, how Scott loses touch with John, and finally tracks him down a year later. So it does have a natural break… The first part is more action with some romance, the second is all Oblivious!John, Devious!Scott and romance.

So, back to the Plotting Board…

Word count so far – 33200

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